Patent Translation Services

Our legal and technical translators provide patent translation services and intellectual property document translations in 60 languages. Get your free quote within 30 minutes.

Patent Translation Services Tailored to Your Needs

To protect an invention in different countries, it’s necessary to translate the patent into the official languages of those countries. For presenting your invention internationally and protecting your intellectual property globally, patent translation is an essential step that must be undertaken with diligence. It’s vital to entrust this task to an experienced translator with deep knowledge in the field of the invention and expertise in legal translation.

Legavox offers patent translation services and for all your intellectual property documents in over 60 languages. To do this, we rely on the expertise of our legal translators as well as a network of technical translators who are proficient in your field of activity and its complex technical jargon. We are responsive and work quickly and with the utmost confidentiality. Looking to translate an invention patent or a trademark application? Contact us now to receive your free quote within 30 minutes.

We Translate All Your Intellectual Property Documents

Our translation firm boasts extensive experience in translating intellectual property documents. We assist numerous law firms and intellectual property consultancy companies in their multilingual communications with our patent translation services:

  • Patent applications
  • Patent claims
  • Detailed descriptions of the invention
  • Technical drawings
  • Opposition filings
  • State of the art search reports
  • Licensing agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)
  • Trademark applications
  • Trademark registration certificates
  • Oppositions to trademark applications
  • Trademark examination reports
  • Industrial design applications
  • Technology transfer contracts
  • Trademark coexistence agreements
  • Correspondence with patent offices

An Expert Translator to Translate Your Patent with Rigour and Precision

Patent translation is a specialised task that requires both in-depth technical understanding and excellent linguistic skills. This is why Legavox surrounds itself with a vast network of professional translators experienced in the field of intellectual property. Meticulously selected, all our linguists translate into their native language. They not only grasp the legal aspects of a patent but also understand the technical domain of the patent, regardless of its field: biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, energy, mechanics, electronics, chemistry, automotive, etc.

Our translators approach each project with great rigour to produce translations that are faithful to your source documents and tailored to the legal nuances of your target audience. Patents are legal documents where every word matters. This is why all our experts conduct thorough research before starting your translations. You can rely on the precision of our specialists to accurately reproduce every technical concept in your documents.

Over 60 Languages for Translation

The translation agency Legvox offers its patent translation services and for any other intellectual property document in numerous languages. Our translators diligently work in most of the world’s languages.

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FAQ on Our Patent Translation Services

How much do your patent translation services cost?

The cost of such a translation largely depends on the length of the text to be translated (by word count or number of pages). It also varies according to the translation language and the layout of the file to be translated. Finally, the delivery timeframe also plays a crucial role in determining the cost of your project. Contact us with the documents to be translated to receive our personalised quote.

In which language should a patent be translated?

We can work in around sixty languages, including widely spoken ones like English, French, Chinese, German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, and Japanese. Our translators also translate into rarer languages such as Norwegian, Danish, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Slovak, Romanian, and Korean.

Who can perform the translation of a patent?

Only a professional translator with expertise in intellectual property can offer patent translation services. These translators often have a technical or scientific background, enabling them to understand the complex aspects of the patent. Their ability to combine valuable technical, legal, and linguistic knowledge is imperative to ensure a high-quality translation in compliance with international regulations.

How quickly can I receive my translated documents?

When making your quote request, please indicate your delivery requirements. Our team will then consider this in the pricing of your quote. We can meet any deadline, even the most urgent, by mobilising several translators simultaneously.

Can you provide certified translations?

Yes! We offer our patent translation services carried out by sworn translators from the country of your choice, thanks to our network of partners. When necessary, we legalise and apostille your intellectual property documents to be approved by official bodies. Contact us to receive our free quote.

Interested in Our Patent Translation Services?

Our professional translators offer patent translation services in over 60 languages with quick turnaround times. Receive your free quote in 30 minutes.